Blue Print of a Spiritual Leader…

December 29, 2009 § 3 Comments

“In our modern age, where the standard of living has been facilitated by science and technology, we must learn to make the best use of our ample resources. A lifestyle that is suitable for both worldly fulfillment and spiritual enlightenment is the best.

Those who strive to attain personal enlightenment and help others light their lamps are the true leaders of the human race. Blessed are those who are useful for themselves as well as others. They attain the highest goal of life here and now. Right in this mortal world, they become immortal and their wisdom guides humanity on the path of immortality.

Today’s society is waiting for selfless, spiritually enlightened, well-balanced leaders to guide them in how to live happily here and hereafter. Such leaders or reformers will not come from outside our society. They have to be born, raised, and trained right in our own society.”

These are the words of my beloved master Sri Swami Rama of the Himalayas. How powerful, accurate, and simple is this vision that he has laid down for us. I remember many of his words, as if I am hearing them right now in my ears. On many occasions he uttered, “Be simple, Be Practical.” I added to that: “Be Free”. My motto, my goal — my purpose, if you will — is to be simple, be practical, and be free on all levels. What do I mean by levels?

Well, to begin with, you have to take care of your body every single day of your life, whether you like it or not! That is your physical level. You breathe daily, don’t you? That is your energy level. Just imagine if you cannot breathe for few seconds or even a minute! What will be the status of your energy being?

And you always think, don’t you? Well, that is your mental level.

Then there is something powerful and usually out of your control called emotions. Well, that is your emotional level.

And at last but not least, you are the spiritual being hence you have the spiritual level. Are you with me so far?

If you have to take care of all these levels every single day of your life, what will be the cost of doing so? What is the real cost? What if you forgot to take care of a few of those levels for a couple of years? What will be the ultimate cost? Do you think it will cost you money? Oh, you do have a financial level, or if you prefer financial well-being, don’t you? I almost forgot about it!

What if you got into a habit thinking that someone will always be there for you, taking care of you? You might say, “I don’t do that!” Are you sure? Think very hard before you say that. Remember, there are many levels, and it is a lot more complex matter than I can cover in this tiny blog of mine. There are many other variables that we can barely talk about here. Even if you did not think that way consciously, then unconsciously you might expect someone to take care of the issues and concerns you may have. You might, for instance, have thought that the government is going to take care of the things going right or wrong in your life! Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Where am I going with this? Well, read those beautiful words of my teacher in the beginning of this blog. Then look at the title of this blog. Are we getting somewhere? Well, I would rather have my teacher guide you in his own words than my limited knowledge. What did he actually say? What he has said here is very profound and requires your “sage-like” line of thinking. He lays the clear path in his humble but thought provoking sentences: “We must not create a wall between our worldly and spiritual lives. People disorganized in their life search for spiritual wisdom in seclusion; whereas, if organized properly, they can have all the means and resources that are of utmost importance for spiritual enlightenment. The purpose of human life is to make the best use of the resources that nature or God has given us.”

Do you want me to stop here or shall I continue? It is so rhythmic, so pulsating, every word of his in these passages. If you follow them by reflecting on those words daily, relentlessly, and with enduring attention, then the “blue print” is very much visible to you. If you do not, struggle may ensue. If you cannot figure it out, then a spiritual guide is essential for you. Finding a spiritual leader who has balanced his or her life in this manner shall be your guide; if your chosen spiritual leader does not fit this description, step away from them. Be patient and ye shall find one! Seek deeper in your heart, but once you find him or her, never forsake them. If you do, there is a heavy price to pay, if and only if, enlightenment is your goal. If not, enjoy your life the way you are enjoying it right now, and eventually you will end up at the same door, may be after millions of lifetimes later, but you must “knock” the same door. Then why not “knock” now? Why would you wait?

If you are still not convinced, let my teacher say few words to you, if he may: “We are the ones to become our own guides, our own leaders, and we are the ones to enlighten our own lives.

Get up, my friends, arise: attain knowledge, and dedicate your life to the service of your fellow beings.”

Do I have to say anything further? Yes, one more question to you, beloved reader: “What is your resolution for life?”


§ 3 Responses to Blue Print of a Spiritual Leader…

  • RL says:

    These are the lessons I got from this blog:

    We are our own leaders.

    We have to look within to find our peace and happiness.


    We can have many goals, but we are not the goals.

    Don’t be attached , but do our best to take care of ourselves.

    We can’t depend on others to bring us enlightenment.

    We have to learn how to have peace in our hectic life.

    We have to be free from our disorganized life, to put things in proper perspective.

    Be content with what we have and to use what we have to the best of what they can be.

  • Ajna says:

    Another important lesson I have learned here is that we must “light the lamps” of others as well as our own. After all, those lamps arise from the same Source.

    Nishit, thank you for teaching, for lighting the lamps of so many others by sharing the teachings of yoga without clarity and effectiveness and fearlessness.

    With much respect for all of you fellow travelers on the path…

  • Teresa says:

    Nishit- As always your words reach many depths. I found my resolution of life in these words, “We must not create a wall between our worldly and spiritual lives”. This is a message I take from our yoga classes and the struggle to break down that wall is a continuous challenge. I am inspired to integrate my worldly and spiritual lives into simply “my life”!

    Peace, Teresa

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