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Nishit Patel by Colm Johnston

Nishit Patel is first and foremost a teacher of yoga and meditation, although he has also been a pharmacist (India) and a graduate student in Medical Psychology (USA). He started meditating under the guidance of his father at the tender age of five. Patel met the Himalayan Master Sri Swami Rama in 1988 and was initiated in the tradition of the Himalayan Masters.

From that moment he dedicated himself to teaching. He was appointed Director of the Himalayan Institute of New York City in 1995, and has been steadfastly serving the New York community to bring health, wealth, and prosperity into the lives of all he meets.

Since July, 2005, he has continued serving as an independent hatha yoga, pranayama, and yoga meditation instructor, touching the lives of hundreds through his tireless work. Patel inspires all seekers through the perennial wisdom of the ancient sister sciences of yoga and ayurveda.

He engages each student to live a life full of richness on all levels–physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. He has dedicated his life to bringing the footprints of the Himalayan masters to every human heart.

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